Flag Terminal Applicator

Tailored for processing flag terminals on reels, our crimping applicator is designed for a flawless, secure lock on the flag

Product Description

Specifically tailored for processing flag terminals on reels, this crimping applicator is engineered to ensure a flawless, secure lock on the flag.Even though flag crimping can be intricate, our applicator simplifies the process. Its durable construction and user-friendly setup guarantee a long-lasting performance and the consistent production of high-quality outcomes.

  • Mechanical End feed.
  • Feeding system for linked terminals on a reel to be unrolled left to right.
  • Non resettable 7 digit cycle counter.
  • Can be fitted to any crimping press having a crimping height of 135.8mm (+/-) 0.02mm
  • Can be used in both manual and automatic configuration.
  • Easy replacement of crimpers and anvils.


Crimping Height 135.8 mm
Stroke 40/30 mm
Terminal Pitch < 28 mm
Terminal Thickness < 1.10 mm
Max 8 Sq mm
Weight 5.5 kg
Feeding System Mechanical
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