MekStrip Power

MekStrip Power Rotary blade head machines, the most versatile and efficient power cable stripping solution.

Product Description

MekStrip Power is the Ultimate Rotary Blade Stripping Machine

Introducing the MekStrip Power Rotary blade head machines, the most versatile and efficient powercable stripping solution on the market.

With its unique rotary blade head design, the MekStrip Power can strip hard-to-process power cables with an outer diameter (O.D.) from 3 mm upto 25 mm without changing the blade. This makes it the ideal machine for a wide range of applications, from industrial to commercial to automotive.

The MekStrip Power is also equipped with a variety of features that make it easy to use and maintain,including sensor triggering, handles thick cables and tough insulation materials, and partial and window strip capability. This means that you can get the perfect strip every time, regardless of the cable type or size.

The MekStrip Power is the perfect solution for businesses that need a fast, accurate, and versatile power cable stripping solution.

MekStrip Power

Experience unprecedented accuracy and power cable stripping versatility.
Precise rotary cut stripping for all wire types and tough insulations, including PVC, Teflon, silicone, and fiber braiding etc.

Processing of High-Voltage Cables

We offer customized high-voltage EV cable cuttinglines that feature technically advanced MekPower Strip machines, braid cut machines, and ring insertion machines. These machines and devices have been specially designed to process high-voltage cables.


  • MekStrip 100 up to 100 mm stripping length
  • MekStrip 200 up to 200 mm stripping length
  • MekStrip 400 up to 400 mm stripping length


Power Supply 230V AC – 6A
Wire Outer Diameter 3-25 mm
Stripping Half & Full Strip
Adjustment Manual Adjustment Strip Length & Blade
Stripping Technology Rotary Stripping
Air Pressure 6 Bar
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