The BCC is an innovative solution that improves wire crimp quality and production efficiency by working with the CFM to detect and correct faulty crimps.

Product Description

Introducing the BCC – a cutting-edge solution for enhancing wire crimp quality and production efficiency. When the CFM identifies a faulty crimp,the BCC Pliers take precise control, securely holding the wire, while the BCC Blades swiftly and accurately sever the wire just beyond the crimped terminal.BCC Blades chop the wire just outside the crimped terminal.

Improve your workflow, reduce the margin of error,and enhance the overall quality of your wire crimps with the CFM and its innovative BCC technology.

The BCC design facilitates installation on a wide range of bench presses.


Max. Cutting Capacity 6 Sq mm
Air Pressure 0.5 MPa
Power Supply 220V AC
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