Shut Height Gauge

SHG-9 measuring the press ram at its Bottom Dead Center with a 900 KG load,ensures accuracy,high-quality crimps,and proper press maintenance.

Product Description

To ensure the precise replication of pressoperating conditions, it is imperative to maintain the Press Height with in the specified range of 135.8± 0.02mm, or in certain cases, 119.5 ± 0.02mm.

The Shut Height Gauge, designated as SHG-9, plays a crucial role in guiding the press to establish the exact shut height. SHG-9 accurately measures the height when the press ram is at its Bottom Dead Center, supporting a load of 900 KG.

By utilizing the Shut Height Gauge, you can guarantee the utmost quality in every crimp and ensure the proper maintenance of the press.
If needed, special height spacers are available upon request to accommodate specific requirements.


Dimension W 60 × L 65 × H 120.5 or 136.8 mm
Shut Height 135.8 or 119.5 mm
Weight 2.6 Kg
Weight Setup 900 Kg
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