It uses advanced cameras to carefully check fuse boxes for issues like fuse swaps and missing parts, conducting quick tests in just 10 milli seconds per zone.

Product Description

Fuse Box Vision Inspection

Fuse Box Vision Inspection revolutionizes testing services for the wire harness industry, ensuring the utmost quality and reliability of fuse boxes. With the aid of advanced vision cameras, this cutting-edge solution meticulously checks for fuse interchanges, missing components, and other critical issues. The system’s lightning-fast tests are conducted at an incredible speed of 10 milliseconds per zone, powered by efficient concurrent algorithms. Seamlessly integrating with test tables, it optimizes workflows without requiring extensive modifications. Additionally, the fuse box vision inspection system features an auto-lock mechanism,preventing accidental disconnections and enhancing operational safety. By thoroughly examining fuses,relays, and other essential elements, it guarantees superior performance and safety in wire harness applications.


  • Rapid zone testing at an impressive 5ms perzone.
  • Verification of number, color, fuse, shapes,and more.
  • Effortless programming with a single click.
  • Image Lib program for validating formulas using tested images.
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