MGT module

The MGT Module is an advanced device that simplifies wire harness insertion and continuity testing. It features an LED guidance system and error  detection,

Product Description

Introducing MGT Module:

Simplifying Wire Harness Insertion and Testing for Small Harnesses.

Make Wire Harness Insertion a Breeze!

Are you tired of the challenges in inserting same-color wires into connectors correctly? Do you struggle with identifying and placing wires accurately on the pin numbers? Look no further! Introducing the revolutionary MGT Module – your ultimate solution for easy wire harness insertion and testing for small harnesses.

What is the MGT Module?

The MGT Module is a cutting-edge device designed to stream line the wire harness insertion process and provide seamless continuity testing. With its LED guidance system and error detection capabilities, it’s the perfect tool to simplify your wire harness manufacturing.

Easy LED Guidance

Inserting same-color wires at both ends of a connector can be per plexing. The MGT Module solves this problem with its built-in LED guidance system. The LED’s light up the exact pins where each wire should be inserted,ensuring you make the right connections every time.

Continuity Testing Made Simple

Once you’ve completed the wire insertion, the MGT Module automatically performs a continuity test. It checks the connections and instantly displays the connection details. If any wire is missing or if a short circuit is detected, the module will promptly alert you, allowing for quick and easy trouble shooting.

Error Detection and Prevention

No more worrying about wrong insertions! The MGT Module actively monitors the insertion process and identifies any incorrect placements. If a wrong wire is inserted, the module will indicate the error immediately, so you can correct it on the spot.

Versatility at its Best

The MGT Module is not just limited to insertion and testing. It offers additional functionality with a label printer interface. By connecting an additional MGT Label interface module to the unit, you can effortlessly print labels for your wire harnesses, streamlining the manufacturing process even further.

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