The IR CZ ST is a high-performance heat shrink system with a sleek design that efficiently manages wide variety of shrinking applications.

Product Description

Introducing the IR CZ ST, a cutting-edge heat shrink system that boasts a sleek design and exceptional performance. This machine has been expertly engineered to provide a rapid and uninterrupted process for end splices,connectors, and terminal applications.Equipped with an innovative inner oven, the IR CZ ST comes complete with a heat shrink tube stopper that ensures precise positioning on the assembly.
The IR CZ ST is a top-of-the-line solution for all your heatshrink needs.

  • The cooling process is enhanced through dynamic cooling technology.
  • The use of a safety curtain prevents interference with samples during the heating process and minimizes the risk of accidents during head movement.
  • The machine has two entirely separate work stations with independent parameters.
  • The jigs can be replaced easily, taking less than 5seconds to swap.

Jigs that can be easily customized and attached for multiple applications.

Each station is furnished with a mechanism for effortlessly removing and fixing jigs, as well as a safety curtain to avoid any accidents.


Power Supply 230V AC – 16A
Working Temperature Min 300 – Max 550 °C
Temperature Sensor K Type
Min & Max Tube Dia 0.3 – 20 mm
Heating Area 60 × 240 mm
Size 2400×800×1450 mm
Adjustable Parameter Speed,Time & Temperature
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